Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Testing a new kind of blog page, well new to me

I use to blog on Myspace, but with all the changes going on there I've been trying out new sites, most of which are still new and working on their own issue.  I've set up accounts at three of them although I'm not sure I will do much with them at this point.  If this Blogger/Blogspot works for me I may close them all and just stay on facebook and blog right here.  Right now I'm just kind of playing with this blogging area.  Figuring out how to do what finding all the bells and whistle, so to speak.  So if anyone reads this and has any helpful tips, I'd be ever so grateful to you if you wanted to share.

I was asked How I'm doing?  That is truly a loaded question.  Most people don't really want to know the real answer to that question but today I told them anyway.
"Just peachy, Michelle's vehicle has a broken tire rod. Chad's radiator has gone bad.

The doctor is sending Ed to see a specialist in Omaha next week, that thing on his leg is infected again. They also may have to redo the part that he has had for 12 years. Its not healing like it should be.

Zane is out for Basketball.

Oh yeah, Ed is going on long-term disability, today was his last check from work, we wont get another one until the 22 of Dec.

I can't sleep and Myspace has gone to shit! If you haven't been and still have an account you should check it out, but not on the 25 of Nov. We are boycotting it tomorrow in an effort to get them to listen to us. LOL

Not much going on here, you know same as always."

I really don't suggest anyone ask a question they don't want the answer to, you find out way more than you wanted to know.

I all ways great people with simple things like, Hell-o!  or Howdy, maybe even a simple Hi in passing.  I find these to be far safer.

Thanks for stopping by hope you decide to follow, although I don't know where I'll be leading you.


Steven said... [Reply to comment]

I agree, don't ask a question you don't want an honest answer to. It always grates on me when someone asks how I am, knowing they don't really want to know, that it's just part of the social ritual of saying hello....I just smile and nod and wonder what they'd think if I told them how I really was.

anyway, cool to see you here. If you have any setup questions let me know.

Lisa Kessler said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Peggy -

I like your new blog home! :)

I'm so sorry about your huband... I hope they can fix him up so he heals properly!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving...